Speed Roller is having a Show Sales Event beginning Feb. 1st thru Apr. 30th502彩的新版网站. We have special pricing on Gas and Electric Rollers along with Speed Sprayer!

15% off MSRP discount off all equipment or 20% off with the purchase 2 Gas or Electric Speed Rollers!.

Contact us at  for more details!

DMI’s Speed Roller® Employs The Industry’s Only All-Mechanical Drive System that uses no Hydraulic oil, and Industry-Exclusive Stainless Steel Rollers and Rubberized Drive Roll!
  • Raises the Standard of the Green Surface
  • More Accurate Putting with Increased Ball Roll Distances
  • Eliminates Surface Irregularities, with Stimpmeter Readings Increased up to 2.5 Feet
  • Creates a Healthier Grass Root System
  • Reliable & Easy to Operate and Maintain
  • Less Mowing & Watering & Fewer Chemicals needed
  • Heavy-Duty Transport Trailer Included
  • Three 38″ Stainless Steel rollers and DMI’s Industry Leading Triple Offset Roller System


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502彩的新版网站"easy to maintain, without a lot of moving parts to worry about... virtually maintenance-free rollers!"

Scott Dunbar Lockport Country Club 502彩的新版网站

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Electric Roller

502彩的新版网站environmentally safe and whisper quiet operation. state of the art technology, including on board self-diagnostics. all of the features and benefits of our standard model, with the convenience of an electric motor.

Speedroller LE

  • Lithium Electric Power for Superior Performance
  • On-board Programmable
  • Control with Diagnostics For Precise Drive Roll Control (NO SPIN)
  • Lightest Electric Greens Roller at 570 Pounds!

Electric Speed Roller lets you roll anytime and anywhere. Cutting edge
technology trims time and your maintenance costs while delivering world class
greens. University research shows that daily rolling and alternate
day mowing increases green speed, play-ability and improves turf grass
health while also saving money. Purchase includes heavy duty transport
trailer. Backed by our superior service and training, the easy to maneuver
502彩的新版网站 Speed Roller is a one man operation that pays for itself.

More Info and Technical Specs

Gas Roller


Speed Roller’s time proven technology will save time and maintenance costs while delivering superior green surfaces all season long. University research shows that daily rolling and alternate day mowing increases green speed, play-ability and improves turf grass health while also saving money.
502彩的新版网站 Speed Roller is lightweight, easy to maneuver and includes a transport trailer.





More Info and Technical Specs

Operator’s Manual

Parts and Service Manual


Speed Sprayer


  • Pressurized air boom delivery system for maximum efficiency
  • Positive Ion charge adheres solution to negative ground cover
  • Spray in windy conditions with reduced drift
  • New GPS System
  • Shuts off individual nozzles to prevent over-spraying



  • Lower average gallons per acre of spray material
  • Less water per acre/Reduced refills
  • Reduction in fuel per acre
  • More concentrated spray



  • Spray particle is positively charged using a copper ionization system
  • Spray material travels through separate tubing, injected into nozzle tips, and sheared to 90 microns
  • Air is the carrier allowing for a more concentrated solution and better penetration
  • Air pressure and Ionized droplets allow for better penetration and uniform coverage



More Info and Technical Specs

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